University Student Programmes

2018 University Programme 

In March 26th/27th 2018, Energy Skills NZ is hosting the popular University Student Programme.  The programme is run over two days at the National Oil and Gas conference and offers students the opportunity to learn more about the industry, network with industry professionals and to participate with students from other universities in an interactive and informative programme.

The programme has been developed  to showcase careers to students interested in working in our industry.  Particularly to students interested in working in the earth sciences, engineering or environmental fields.

The 2018 programme will see  the succsesful applicants attend  over a period of two days at the New Zealand Conference in Wellington.The event will include some guiding lectures on the challenges and science behind petroleum exploration and production , a Field Trip and the opportunity to be hosted by industry professionals at the lunch breaks to network with all the members of industry. 

To apply to attend the 2018 programme please click on the registration form link below.

Click here for University Student Programme registration form 

Any questions, please email or telephone 06 7575995


University Training

There are very few Petroleum specific degrees in New Zealand.  Victoria university offer a MSc in Petroleum Science and Auckland University has just confirmed an Oil/Gas elective to begin in 2010, Semester 1, within their Engineering Science department.

Most New Zealand universities offer various degrees at undergraduate levels through to doctorates in the major engineering disciplines which align with the Energy industry.

Degree programmes currently being offered in New Zealand by the following universties are:

  Auckland AUT Canterbury Massey Otago Victoria Waikato
Civil including Environmental        
Electrical and Electronic  
Chemical and Process          
Materials and Process          
Computer Science Engineering        
Engineering Management            
Engineering Science          
Engineering Technology          
Earth Sciences


Most universities and polytechnics offer degrees that enable students to enter into specialist business service roles in the Energy sector.

Please click on the above links to gain access to specialist business service education information.

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University Student Programmes

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