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Those that wish to work in the industry can choose from positions that require a great deal of technical and mechanical skill like that of a "control centre operator" or "technician" or from those that require in-depth knowledge of a specialty area and business acumen, like that of a "business analyst" or "health & safety advisor.

There are labour based jobs and professional jobs. 

The industry offers careers to those that have an interest in labouring and drilling to those that are more technically or business minded.

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While the specific skills required vary, in general, energy companies look for people who:

  • Have a positive approach to safety;
  • Have a positive, willing attitude, ready to 'have a go';
  • Are in good general physical and mental health;
  • Are willing to relocate or travel;
  • Are professional in their approach and attitude;
  • Are team players;
  • Are ready to learn and gain more skills.

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Follow links through to company websites.

The following upstream companies operate in New Zealand. 

The following downstream companies operate in New Zealand.

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You have to be over 16 years old to enter the industry, but companies prefer to employ people who have at least finished Year 12 or an equivalent vocational or university course.

They also look for people who have had some post school life experience.

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Industry salaries can range from $40,000 to $170,000+ depending on experience and qualifications. For further information, visit the "Career in Oil and Gas section".

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  • People with relevant and recent experience are highly sought after;
  • Relevant polytechnic courses to level 2 or higher in relevant areas;
  • Heavy vehicle (HR) licence and previous experience operating heavy machinery;
  • People with a recently acquired first aid certificate and a pre-employment medical examination, give themselves an added advantage.

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Yes, provided you are over 16 years of age. However, your chances of employment increase significantly if you have completed Year 12, have a relevant polytechnic qualification or university course in a discipline related to the industry and have some workplace experience in the minerals industry or a related industry.

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‘Vacation Work’ is paid vacation employment for university and school students. Students from a number of disciplines can apply for Vacation Work directly with the association.

If successful, they will not only gain valuable hands-on experience for which they will be paid, but they will also have the chance to build a relationship with a potential employer.

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Heaps!! Energy companies are continually looking for more ways to attract women to work in the industry and to help them balance the pressures of children and family. Women are highly valued members of any team across the entire industry.

The principles of equal opportunity for all employees, regardless of race, sex or physical disability apply across the energy industry and companies promote a diverse working environment free from discrimination or harassment.

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Rarely, and these jobs are very limited. You can be lucky if you know someone working in the industry. It is far better to get some qualifications and experience first.

Many companies use contracting companies to employ skilled operators or tradespeople. A First Aid qualification is valuable as this is an extremely safety conscious industry.

It is important to note that energy operations around New Zealand have zero drug and alcohol tolerance.

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Because of the good salaries on offer, many people want to work in the industry. A large number of these people do not realise how skilled and specialised the work is. Companies constantly get inquiries from people looking for work.

All companies have websites – so it is best to apply on-line, whether it be for a particular job vacancy,  traineeship or a graduate program.

There are many contracting companies that carry out much of the work for companies projects. Depending on the nature of the job, you may need to apply to contracting companies, rather than the company that runs a particular operation.

Some options:

  • Apply to companies through their careers/recruitment website for a specific job, or type of job.
  • Search recruitment websites like Taranaki Jobs Website or Seek jobs.
  • Make sure your application provides the information asked for in the advertisement;
  • Attach a CV to your application explaining your qualifications, skills and experience;
  • Avoid saying “I am willing to do anything”;
  • Apply for positions through recruitment companies;
  • Do some preliminary training or complete an undergraduate degree that is related to work in the industry that you are interested in;
  • Apply for positions with sub contractors and businesses that supply goods and services to the industry;

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Applications for the 2018 Student programme are now open!
8th February 2018

ESNZ is offering an unique opportunity for University Students to be hosted at the 2018 NZ Energy (Oil and Gas) Conference as part of a two-day University Student Programme developed by the Energy industry. There are Limited spaces on the programme for students studying in Engineering, Earth Science or Enviromental Fields. If you are interested in working in our industry and would like to apply please head over to the Education tab and click University Students Programmes .

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